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World Skin Tips

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Do you have any quirky beauty tips? Is it something you stumbled upon yourself, or something that's been passed down through the generations? Almost all of us can think of a few things we do, but we're not alone. People all over the world swear by these (often cultural) beauty quirks that have been around for so long for one main reason: they work!

With technology bringing the world closer together every day, we can now learn from these beauty tips and even try them out ourselves. So pick one and see how people in a different part of the world stay glamourous.

FDA Changes Sunscreen Guidelines

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Within the last year, some new FDA guidelines have come into effect regarding the labeling of sunscreens, and we’re going to feel the effect in Canada. The main questions I usually get with regards to sunscreen are:

1. What kind of sunscreen should I get?
2. Does sunscreen use really prevent skin cancer?

3. Does sunscreen use effect vitamin D levels?

We answer these questions and give you the update on the new FDA guidelines for sunscreen.

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