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Nutrients For Healthy Skin

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When it comes to your skin, we can’t stress the importance of a healthy diet. While some things like acne are primarily the result of genetics and hormones, skin problems on the outside can be a huge indicator of poor internal health. Usually when we have a skin problems like oil control, breakouts, and wrinkles, we immediately turn to products. And with all the products available, we’re sure to find one to cure our woes, aren’t we? Maybe, but we’re not fixing the problem. If anything we’re making it worse by covering it up without getting to the root of the problem. Instead, take your skin concern, and look inside first. Sometimes, the answer is as easy as eating more spinach or drinking more tea.

Laser Hair Removal - Worth It?

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Laser hair removal, as it currently stands, is a fairly new and groundbreaking technology. The struggle to rid ourselves of unwanted body hair, however, can be traced back for centuries.

People have long searched for a permanent solution, and have tried everything from scraping the hair from skin with rocks to pulling it out with beeswax. The evolution of modern technology has lead us to some radical new treatments for hair removal, including the use of lasers. With dramatic results that appear to be long-lasting, we may have finally found a permanent solution.

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