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Gentle Exfoliant

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Gentle Exfoliant

A light and creamy formula makes this cleansing scrub great for all skin types. It contains smooth beads that gently exfoliate and polish the skin, while delivering hydration to keep you looking vibrant and refreshed.
-- Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is an antibacterial agent best known for its softening and soothing benefits. Aloe also acts to suppress the inflammatory response of ultraviolet light exposure.
-- Glycolic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that helps to break down the bonds between the cells (desmosomes) and acts as a strong degreasing agent. We source our glycolic acid from rhubarb.
-- Jojoba Seed Oil has effective moisturizing properties and is thought to help strengthen the elastin network and reduce irritation in the skin. It is a very stable, natural emollient that is used for its ability to penetrate the skin’s surface.

  • After cleansing, apply a dime-sized amount and work in gentle circular motions over the face.
  • Rinse, pat dry and follow with the appropriate PCA Skin® toner, treatment serums and moisturizer with SPF in the daytime and moisturizer in the evening.
  • Use morning or evening one to three times per week, based on skin condition.
Staff Picks
Colleen's Pick (Feb - 2015)
I use this light, creamy exfoliating scrub once a week to remove the dry, flaky skin that winter brings. It contains smooth round beads that help to polish my skin. I would recommend this as an important part of your skin care regimen.
Reviews (3)

dry sensitive skin

Review by Lane (Posted on 13-01-28)
I have sensitive skin that’s very dry and flakey, so sometimes my foundation will look like it’s peeling off because i’m so dry...yuk. I love this exfoliant because it’s very gentle (doesn’t make me red or sting) and it doesn’t dry me out even further. It gives me moisture and removes all the dead skin cells so my skin is smooth and even. I use it about 3 times a week. Highly recommended.

Perfect Exfoliation

Review by nina (Posted on 13-01-25)
This is a great exfoliant if you have sensitive skin or don’t want to do any damage. It’s very gentle, as the name says, but you can feel it working. My skin has been clearer and smoother since I started using it about a year ago. I just do it in the shower a few times a week.


Review by willa (Posted on 13-01-24)
This is one of my favourite products of all time! I use it about once or twice a week, and it makes my skin feel fantastic. Its a veery gentle exfoliant, with tiny beads that help wash away dirt and guk from your skin. It leaves you silk smooth and doesn’t dry you out. Love it!

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