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What is it?
CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary new procedure that has proven to significantly reduce fat deposits without surgery or downtime. It uses cryolipolysis, the process of cooling (cryo) tissue in order to break down fat cells (lipolysis). This is completely non-invasive, and doesn’t harm any other tissues.
How does it work?
An applicator is attached to the area requiring treatment, cooling it to a certain temperature. The low temperatures cause the fat cells to slowly die, while the skin, muscle, nerves and other tissues remain completely unaffected. As the fat cells die, the body releases cytokines (inflammatory mediators) which slowly digest the dead fat cells, much like fat from food. This is a natural metabolic function and will result in a significant reduction in the fat layer over the course of several months. The end results are comparable to invasive fat removal procedures such as liposuction.

How much does it cost?
Prices for CoolSculpting® vary based on what area you wish to have treated, and the number of desired sessions. For estimate prices please contact the clinic.
Will I need multiple treatments?
The results of CoolSculpting® can be seen in 1 month but you will see your full result in 3 months. Multiple sessions can be done if you desire more improvement after the full effects from the first session have time to be realized.
Who does the treatment?
The treatment is completed by the medically trained staff at Silhouette Cosmetic Laser Clinics, under the supervision of Dr. Claudio DeLorenzi.
How long does it take?
One session is about 1 hour in length.
Is there any downtime or pain?
CoolSculpting® is completely non-invasive and therefore has no associated downtime. You can return to normal activities such as work or exercise immediately following your session, making it the perfect procedure for a busy lifestyle. The treated area may be red for several hours post treatment, and some patients experience bruising and swelling at the site that may last several weeks. Many patients experience temporary numbness in the treated area, but sensation will return within one to eight weeks.


"I have been delighted with the results from all of my procedures at the DeLorenzi Clinic, and Coolsculpting is no exception. I had my abdomen done and the results are phenomenal. Coolsculpting is a comfortable procedure, with no down time and no pain. Coolsculpting works! Eve is an expert at Coolscupting and a true professional. " - Elaine

"The results I got from Coolscupting were far greater than I anticipated. I exercise daily and eat right, but just could not get rid of that stubborn fat. Coolscupting eliminated it. The appearance in my clothes is so gratifying, no more lumps and bumps, from multiple abdominal surgeries and pregnancy weight gain and loss. I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone. With no surgery, I just cannot not believe the difference Coolscupting made in my body." - Arden

"I wasn't sure about Coolsculpt, but I tried one treatment. Hailey made me feel comfortable and she was clearly knowledgeable about the product and it's effects as she could easily answer all my questions. She warned me that results took 3 months, but I could see a difference in just one month. ‎Since then, I have worked with Hailey to target my problem areas - she made some great suggestions so that I could use my treatments most effectively. I totally recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to shed some inches! Totally worth it! " - T.C.W.

As a woman of advancing years I felt cool sculpting may be just a ridiculous attempt to hang on to vanishing youth. Then I thought about my son's upcoming wedding and how uncomfortable I felt about the appearance of my arms ( even though they would be modestly sheathed in a 3/4 length sleeve). I went for it, frankly not expecting much. The staff were - as always - courteous and attentive. I'm glad I saw the "after" photos rather than the " before" first. That truly demonstrated to me that this stuff works. Many thanks to Hailey and all the staff at Silhouette for their support. - Patti

After Coolsculpting for Lower Abdomen Area Single Treatment 3 Months post Courtesy of Silhouette Cosmetic Laser Clinic

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