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IPL Photorejuvenation

What is it?
IPL stands for “Intense Pulse Light”, and is a “flashlamp” technology (NOT a laser) used to remove unwanted skin blemishes (basically anything that is redder or browner than the surrounding skin). Typically used for acne, brown spots (freckles, age spots), or red spots (tiny blood vessels), IPL is also somewhat useful in skin firming and tightening as well as temporary hair removal. The main purpose of an IPL is getting rid of brown and red spots on the facial area, neck, chest, and hands.

IPL technology uses potent xenon dual lamp flashlamps and special filter crystals. The light from the IPL device passes through a special Sapphire Crystal which blocks out most of the light except for a particular colour band. We use different filters, depending on what we are treating. The filters allow us to select different wavelengths of light we need to treat specific problems of the skin. Because the light is so powerful, we use Sapphire Crystals to both cool and protect the skin from rising in temperature.
How does it work?
If there was a black leather chair and a white leather chair on the beach exposed to bright sunshine, which one would you sit on if you were wearing shorts? Even though it is being subjected to exactly the same amount of solar radiation as the black one, the white one would be cooler. Based on its dark pigment alone, the black chair would absorb more energy. This same principle is applied to get rid of unwanted skin blemishes via IPL.

During this procedure, the blemishes on your skin are differentially heated up as compared to the surrounding normal tissues. Following a period of a few days, the skin of the treated areas will gently flake off akin to what happens after you have had a mild sunburn.

Unlike a sunburn though, the brown and red spots will show nicer, healthier skin underneath. This whole process is also sometimes called photorejuvenation, and can be helpful in reducing pore size and fine wrinkles. It is highly effective on acne rosacea as well as regular acne.
How much does it cost?
Treatments average $200 per session.
Will I need multiple treatments?
Usually, more than one treatment is recommended to see great results, although you will see noticeable results after a single treatment. A treatment plan will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.
Who does the treatment?
The treatment is performed by one of our professionally trained Medical Estheticians.
How long does it take?
Treatments take around 45 minutes.
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Is there any downtime or pain?
An IPL treatment works to bring your darker pigmented cells to the surface for shedding, so you will look very freckly for a few days post treatment. These spots will gradually flake away to reveal younger and healthier skin underneath. Any bruising, swelling, or redness will disappear within a day or two following treatment.

It essentially feels like an elastic band snapping on the skin, and some patients find it unpleasant (about on par with waxing treatments). However, the cooling of the tip feels pleasant, and no pain medication or numbing cream is needed.
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