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pHaze 18 Clearskin Moisturizer

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pHaze 18 Clearskin Moisturizer

This hydrating moisturizer is antibacterial and scientifically formulated with retinol, marigold, cucumber and lemongrass to help sooth irritations, fight bacteria, and inhibit breakouts. It boosts skins natural health and helps clear complexion. Ideal for oily and blemish-prone skin.
-- Marigold Flower Oil, Lemongrass Extract and Cucumber Fruit Extract provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits.
-- Butcher's Broom Root Extract is an ingredient used for its anti-inflammatory activity and as an MMPi.
-- Borage Seed Oil is an excellent source of the omega-6 essential fatty acid (EFA) gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is synthesized from linoleic acid, the most important essential fatty acid with potent anti-inflammatory effects.
-- Wheat Amino Acid is a natural growth factor for the skin, used for its softening properties. This is an excellent source of plant-derived collagen protein, which is highly moisturizing.
-- Bisabolol is a component of chamomile that provides potent anti-inflammatory and MMPi properties to improve and maintain healthy skin function. It also contains humectant and occlusive properties to attract and retain moisture in the skin.
-- Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) is converted to retinoic acid in the skin and helps to normalize cell turnover and increase water content in the epidermis. It also stimulates the fibroblasts to produce additional collagen and elastin and evens pigmentation by inhibiting melanosomes from being transferred from the melanocytes into the keratinocytes.
-- Colloidal Sulfur is a form of sulfur that is comprised of finely divided particles that are dispersed in a manner that keeps them distributed evenly throughout a formula.
  • Morning and night, smooth a nickel-sized amount onto skin after cleansing, toning and applying any PCA Skin® treatment serums.
  • During the day, follow with the appropriate PCA Skin® moisturizer with SPF.
Reviews (3)


Review by N.W. (Posted on 13-01-21)
This stuff is amazing and it really works! I’ve got oily & acne-prone skin, but i’ve noticed way less breakouts since I started using this stuff. It really works well, and it’s loaded with good vitamins and minerals to improve your skins health.


Review by Chip (Posted on 13-01-16)
My go-to! After YEARS of searching I finally found the best moisturizer, and its ClearSkin! Coming from oily and breakout-prone skin, I can honestly say this stuff has changed my life! I use it as my daily moisturizer and at nighttime, and the difference in my skin is unreal. I hardly ever breakout, and during the day i’m less oily than usual. I really like that it’s antibacterial, you can feel it working to clean and sooth your skin. It’s just the best!

Great for acne!

Review by Casey (Posted on 13-01-15)
Perfect for acne-prone skin! I used to have very bad acne but it’s improved so much with this moisturizer! It’s antibacterial so it clears away all the bad acne-causing germs, and it’s got Retinol in it so it sterilizes your skin! Its really improved my overall appearance and my skin looks and feels a lot healthier.

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